Tuesday, 09 November 2021 13:02

What are betaines

Betaines are amphoteric substances that have both acidic and basic properties. These compounds are present in numerous natural products, for example, casein from milk or wheat germ proteins.

Nordic Naturals, a private company based in south Florida, has won awards from top health and nutrition magazines. Their range of supplements, fats and oils are used for body conditioning, weight loss, detoxification and as an energy supplement.

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly because many countries today offer dental services at the highest level at attractive prices. High-quality teeth treatments are usually associated with huge expenses, which is why dental tourism is so popular nowadays. Which countries are a popular destination for dental tourism today?

One of the most serious problems in our modern world is noise pollution, which the WHO calls the “plague of our time”. In addition to many health effects, persistent noise can also lead to hearing loss.

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